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Since our establishment, ALPHAX has provided inspection equipment for mass production of laser diodes (LD) to domestic and overseas customers. Meanwhile, ALPHAX passed by the waves of intense technological innovation such as CD, MD, DVD, Blu-ray. We encountered various situations such as the collapse of IT bubble, Lehman shock, but all employees got over these changes together.

The laser diode market has entered a new stage of globalization of the optical communication market and diversification of applications from the market centered on optical disks. We are developing new products that meet the needs of the market towards higher output and are focusing on developing new markets

LED (light emitting diode), which is the new optoelectronic market, has already spread to every corner of society. Since several years ago we have been trying to develop LED market and expanding sales, we develop and sell application products such as LED inspection equipment for mass production, LED lighting equipment etc.

Since 2012, we have developed and marketed agricultural information system to each local government as agricultural related business which is a completely new field


We will continue to make efforts to contribute to the development of society by challenging towards the future like the company name meaning of ALPHAX.



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