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♦It can be used for various purposes because it has interactivity with KRONOS and items to be investigated on the tablet can be set arbitrarily.

♦From the information managed in the basic farmland ledger, etc., you can select the items required for the site survey and set them on the tablet.

 When setting highly confidential data, it is possible to use it according to the security policy, such as requiring a password.

♦It can be used with the Internet disconnected, and multiple security measures are prepared to prevent unexpected information leakage.

♦Survey / confirmation work such as location confirmation (GPS), registration of survey results, photography, memos, etc. can be carried out smoothly on a tablet.

♦The survey results registered on the tablet can be directly reflected in KRONOS, which not only reduces paperwork such as input processing of survey results, but also makes it possible to effectively use the information obtained in the survey.

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