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[Optical semiconductor tester business]

Since the development of the first unit in 1981, ALPHAX system business has produced a large number of laser diode test systems.

Thanks to the support of many customers, we have maintained the No. 1 share in Japan, and in Taiwan and China, we have been recognized by many customers and have become the No. 1 share.

Laser diode (LD) have evolved as light sources for reading and writing optical discs and are now used as light sources for optical fiber communications, which is the 5G infrastructure.

Furthermore, new applications such as motion sensors such as face recognition, distance sensors for autonomous driving representing Lidar, and lighting applications such as Laser TV are being put into practical use one after another, and acceleration will not stop as a key device that opens up the future.


ALPHAX will continue to add the newest technology to the know-how based on our abundant experience, realize the requirements of our customers, and provide reliable products.​
As an unsung hero, we will strive to support the development of the industry and our customers.

We have various lineups based on our abundant achievements over many years. Select the most suitable system according to the device specifications (wavelength, power, etc.), shape (chip, various packages) measurement items, measurement conditions (temperature, etc.) application, and transport mode.

A lineup of mass production inspection processes such as high-speed inspection of chip LEDs, visual inspection, sorting, and die bonders. We provide products that meet the needs of our customers with inspection and sorting integrated evaluation systems, inspection equipment for various special packages, etc.

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