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These are some of our products.

We have products for local use and embedded applications as well.

Please feel free to contact us.

LED Module type 「AL-FL[M] 」 Series

<Product features>

◇ By assembling LED 50W modules, the size can be up to 400W

◇ Distribution angle, LED color can also be selected

LED Disk light E39 「AL-DL 」 Series

<Product features>

◇ E39

◇ The power supply is built in, construction is unnecessary if it is a ballastless type mercury lamp.

LED Disk light (Pendant chain type)「AL-DL 」 series

<Product features>

◇ 6 types with different illuminance

   Small size(100W、120W、150W)

   Big size(160W、180W、200W)

◇Cover part can be selected from two types of transparent tempered glass or milky resin.

Cylinder Light for construction site 「AL-CL 」 series

<Product features>

Adopts a rugged construction assuming installation at the construction site

Built-in power supply (AC 100 to 200 V) makes installation easy

◇ If it is an external battery connection type, it still lights up for a certain time even at power failure

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