About Alphax

Get off at Musashi-Nakahara Station on the JR Nambu Line. Exit the ticket gate and exit at the south exit (exit the ticket gate and go to the left).

Follow the sidewalk on the right side of Kawasaki Shinkin Bank, just outside the south exit.

90m ahead, you will hit the intersection with JA Seresa Kawasaki, eyeglass store, and FamilyMart, so turn right.

200m ahead, Maruetsu on the left in the direction of travel, and continue straight while looking at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation on the left after 150m.

If you go 350m from Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, you will come across a big intersection named "Shimoshinjo", but go straight on.

100m ahead, go straight while looking at the convenience store My Basket on your left in the direction of travel.

If you go 150m from My Basket, you will see the independent signboard of Sushi Choushimaru.

The head office of Alphax Co., Ltd. will be on the 2nd floor of the building containing Sushi Choushimaru and Three F.

Turn left at the intersection called "Gankawabashi", which is just past the head office of Alfax Co., Ltd.

* For taxis, proceed to "Beyond Gankawabashi, for taxis" below.

If you turn left, you will see a sidewalk called the Seseragi Promenade, so proceed as it is.

Turn right at the third alley of the bridge over the stream that runs adjacent to the sidewalk (220m straight from the Gankawabashi intersection).

After turning left, 70m ahead, you will find the Shibokuchi Factory of Alphax Co. Ltd. on your right.

"From Gogawabashi, by taxi"

Do not turn left at the Gankawabashi intersection, go straight for 100m and you will see the convenience store My Basket, so turn left.

* This store is different from My Basket near the Shimoshinjo intersection that you passed by.

After 230m, turn left at the intersection where there is a wholesaler called "Yamanaka Yutaka Shoten" on your left in the direction of travel.

85m ahead, the Shibokuchi Factory of Alphax Co. Ltd. is on your left.


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