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Package Transfer Machine



This device is a device (Inserter Remover) that transfers a laser diode in the TO-CAN state between the LD3600 jig board and the tray for transportation in the factory. Set the LD3600 jig board and the tray for transportation in the factory and enter the instructions, the insertion and removal will be performed fully automatically.

Moving Object

TO-CAN package: φ5.6 (lead length: 16 mm, number of lead pins: 4 pins)

LD3600 Jig Board Installation

・ Install LD3600 jig board (160ch) x 2 on the flat stage

Work Tray (200 element ride): Made By Fortechnos

・ Work tray (200 elements / tray) x 4 installed on a flat stage

Element PP Arm Chuck Mechanism

・ The PP arm that chucks the elements is chucked and transported one by one.

Lead Straightening (guide) Mechanism

・ Equipped with a mechanism that guides the long lead of TO-CAN and facilitates insertion into the socket of the LD3600 jig board.

Insert Mode

Insert the LD element from the work tray into the jig board of LD3600.

Insert while guiding the lead with the lead correction function.

Remove Mode

Transfer the LD element from the jig board after LD3600 measurement to the work tray.

Based on the measurement result of LD3600, it is classified and stored in a maximum of 4 ranks + NG.

Details :

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