LD Chip Tester



This device is an LD test system that automatically measures and sorts the electrical and optical characteristics of a  long-wavelength (for optical communication) bare-chip laser diode at high speed. 

LD2900TB measures the measurement items of "IL measurement (FRONT / BACK)", "IV measurement", "Ir, Vr measurement", and "wavelength measurement" at a single temperature (20 ° C to 95 ° C).

Customers can add necessary items such as "OCR function", "RF high frequency superimposition", and "EA measurement" as options.

Test Object

Laser diode bare chip

* Please contact us for tip size and shape.


・ 6 “Grip ring x1


・ 6 “Grip ring x2

+ NG shooter

* Gel pack support is available as an option. Please contact us.

Measuring  Holder

・ Index turntable method (1 unit / temperature)

・ 2 stations / TT type

Position 1: Supply, storage, gaugeing position

Position 2: Probing, measurement position

(IL measurement (FRONT / BACK), IV measurement, Ir, Vr measurement, wavelength measurement)

・ Measurement holder: 2 holders

Contact Method

・ Needle type probe contacts top electrode, bottom electrode contacts by measurement stage

Temperature Range


Setting Items

Standard item

・ IL measurement (CW, Pulse) FRONT / BACK simultaneous measurement

・ Ir / Vr measurement

・ Wavelength measurement: Standard compatible equipment



Optional items

・ OCR character reading

・ RF high frequency superimposition

・ EA measurement

Details :