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Chip Bar Tester /

Semi-auto Manual Type



This device is an LD test system that automatically measures the electrical and optical characteristics of a long-wavelength SOA array in the chip bar state. Set the SOA array on the special jig, adjust the position with the monitor camera, and automatically perform "IL / IV measurement", "FFPV, H measurement", and "wavelength measurement".

Test Object

SOA Array Resonator Length: ~ 6000 μm, Chip Bar Length: 5 ~ 20 mm


・ Dedicated jig x1

Temperature Range


Setting Items

Standard item

・ IL / IV measurement, Ir / Vr measurement (CW, Pulse)

・ FFP measurement (vertical)

・ FFP measurement (horizontal)

・ Wavelength measurement: Standard compatible equipment

Long wave: ANRITSU MS9740B, YOKOGAWA AQ6360

* TM / TE filter is automatically switched. 1530/1540/1550/1560nm Each wavelength filter is manually switched. (FFP measurement)

* TM / TE filter and 1530/1540/1550 / 1560nm wavelength filters are automatically switched. (Wavelength measurement)

Details :

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