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LD Chip Bar Tester /

Full-automatic Type



This device is an LD test system that automatically measures the electrical and optical characteristics of a long-wavelength laser diode in the chip bar state. If you set the chip bar on the supply tray and start it, the chip bar will be automatically transported to the measurement stage, positioned and probed, and then "IL / IV measurement" and "wavelength measurement" will be performed.

Test Object

LD Chip Bar Resonator Length: ~ 750 μm, tip bar length: 5 ~ 10 mm


・ Supply tray x4

・ Storage tray x4

Temperature Range


Setting Items

Standard item

・ IL / IV measurement, Ir / Vr measurement (CW, Pulse)

・ Wavelength measurement: Standard compatible equipment

Long wave: ANRITSU MS9740B, YOKOGAWA AQ6360

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