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LD Chip Tester

(Under Development)


This device is an LD test system that automatically measures and sorts the electrical and optical characteristics of long-wavelength (for optical communication) laser diodes in the bare chip state at high speed.

LD2930MTB is a measurement of "IL measurement (FRONT / BACK)", "IV measurement", "Ir, Vr measurement", and "wavelength measurement" at 3 temperatures (normal temperature, high temperature, low temperature (-40 ° C to 95 ° C)). Measure the item.

Customers can add necessary items such as "OCR function", "RF high frequency superimposition", and "EA measurement" as options.

Test Object

Laser diode bare chip

* Please contact us for tip size and shape.




・ 6 “Grip ring x6

+ NG shooter

* Gel pack support is available as an option. Please contact us.

Measuring  Holder

・ Index turntable method (3 units / 3 temperatures)

・ 2 stations / TTx3TT type

Position 1: Supply, storage, gaugeing position

Position 2: Probing, measurement position

(IL measurement (FRONT / BACK), IV measurement, Ir, Vr measurement, wavelength measurement)

・ Measurement holder: 2 holders x 3TT

Temperature range


Chamber test room / Supply / Discharge pass box

The measurement room has a chamber structure, and during the -40 ° C test, the inside of the tank is filled with dry air or N2 gas to prevent dew condensation. The grip ring can be taken in and out of the measurement room via the pass boxes on the left and right.

Contact Method

・ Needle type probe contacts top electrode, bottom electrode contacts by measurement stage.

Setting Items

Standard item

Normal temperature / low temperature or high temperature

・ IL measurement (CW, Pulse) FRONT / BACK (normal temperature only) Simultaneous measurement

・ Ir / Vr measurement

・ Wavelength measurement: Standard compatible equipment



Optional items

・ OCR character reading

・ RF high frequency superimposition

・ EA measurement

Details :

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