VCSEL Package

LD Tester



This device is an LD test system that automatically measures and sorts the electrical and optical characteristics of VCSELs in the VCSEL package (40ch).

Test Object

48pin VCSEL package

* Please contact us for detaile of shape and specification.

Supply / Storage 

Supply: Magazine type tray changer

Storage: Magazine type tray changer

* Please contact us for tray shape, number of stored items, number of categories, etc.

Setting Items

・ IL measurement (CW, Pulse)

・ Ir / VrLD (LD reverse current, reverse voltage)

・ FFP measurement (vertical) (± 30 °)

・ FFP measurement (horizontal) (± 30 °)

・ Wavelength measurement

Shortwave: YOKOGAWA AQ6373B

・ Polarization measurement