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Package Transfer Machine



This device is a device (Inserter Remover) that transfers a laser diode in the TO-CAN state between the burn-in board and the tray for transportation in the factory before and after the burn-in process. The target is the jig board of the YUASA ELECTRONICS burn-in device, and the elements will be transferred to the

burn-in board for one tank.

Setting the burn-in board and the tray for transportation in the factory in the storage rack and enter the instructions, the insertion and removal will be performed fully automatically.

Moving Object

TO-CAN package: φ5.6 (lead length: 16 mm, number of lead pins: 4 pins)

Burn-in Board Storage Rack

・ Burn-in board (80ch / B) x 20 board (1600 elements) is set in the board rack

Factory Transport Tray Storage Rack

・ Set 8 trays (200 elements / tray) x 8 (1600 elements) for transportation in the factory in the tray rack.

Burn-in Board Holding Plate (PD board) Automatic Removal / Mounting Function

-The burn-in board holding plate (PD board) pulled out from the board rack is automatically removed and pulled up to stand by. The lower side of the burn-in board is pulled out further and moves to the transfer position.

・ -After the transfer is complete, return the holding plate (PD board) to its original state and restore the burn-in board in the board rack.

Element PP Arm Chuck Mechanism

・ The PP arm that chucks the elements adopts a mechanism that chucks and conveys 10 elements at the same time.

Lead Straightening (guide) Mechanism

・ Equipped with a mechanism that guides the long lead of TO-CAN and facilitates insertion into the socket of the burn-in board.

Chamber Test Room

The measurement room has a chamber structure, and during the -40 ° C test, the inside of the tank is filled with dry air or N2 gas to prevent dew condensation.

Insert Mode

In preparation for burn-in, insert the LD element into the burn-in board from the transport tray.

Insert while guiding the lead with the lead correction function.

Remove Mode

The LD element is transferred from the burn-in board to the transport tray after the burn-in is completed.

Based on the quality judgment of the burn-in process, good products are put in the transport tray and sent to the next process (Final test), and defective products are discarded in the NG BOX.

Details :

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