LD Tester For Research And Development



This device is an LD test system for research and development that semi-automatically measures and selects the electrical and optical characteristics of a short wavelength laser diode in the TO-CAN state.

Test Object

TO-CAN package: φ3.3, φ5.6, φ9.0

* Please contact us for other special packages.

* Supports various shapes, number of lead pins, and polarity


・ Dedicated jig x1

* Separately supports high-speed pulse jigs, etc.

Setting Items

Standard item

・ IL measurement (CW, Pulse)

・ FFP measurement (vertical)

・ FFP measurement (horizontal)

-IrLD / IrPD / Im (LD reverse current / PD reverse current / Im current)

・ Wavelength measurement

Shortwave: YOKOGAWA AQ6373B


・ IL measurement (high-speed Pulse)

・ Polarization ratio (POL) measurement

・ Droop measurement

Details :

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