LD Module Tester




This device is an LD test system that automatically measures the electrical and optical characteristics of a long wavelength LD module.

Each characteristic is measured by controlling the LD module temperature internally and externally.

Compatible with various LD modules.

Test Object

LD module

Element shape: Butterfly type, DIP type, coaxial type (5.6φ)

Fiber chip shape: FC connector type, SC connector type


* Please contact us for detailed shapes and specifications.


・ Various special jigs

Temperature Control

・ Internal temperature control Peltier

・ External temperature control air-cooled and thermo module

Setting items

Standard item

・ IL measurement (CW, Pulse)

-IrLD / IrPD / Im (LD reverse current / PD reverse current / Im current)

・ Wavelength measurement

Long wave: ANRITSU MS9740B, YOKOGAWA AQ6360

・ Cooler characteristics (Peltier) (resistance value, operating voltage, operating current value)