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◆A system designed to organize the basic information for managing farmland and farms, and to smoothly link data in consideration of data consistency after operation.。

◆Effective utilization of data will be promoted, such as data linkage with existing systems, importing data managed by farmland navigation nationwide into KRONOS, and outputting the operation results.

◆Simple filing function that links data managed in paper materials and Excel.。

◆By using map information, you can promote more effective agricultural support.


◆In addition to being able to manage management items based on related laws and regulations such as farmland, farmers, and usage rights, we also support the practice of related laws and systems related to land use.

◆The business support function is devised so that business can be carried out intuitively by performing business analysis only on the site side.​


◆A system that supports related procedures, surveys, questionnaires, etc., and not only outputs forms, but also allows smooth registration of answers and survey results.。

◆With the function of registering consultations with farmers on the spot and assisting in the preparation of application forms, not only the end-user farmers but also the managers do not need to confirm the application forms. I devised so that I could feel the benefits.

◆In the data update process, we have created a history of previous data and devised so that we can grasp the aging situation.


◆We have prepared a screen configuration that is easy to operate in the field, such as a registration screen according to the business and a list input screen.

◆Output from the ledger to Excel and reflection of data created in Excel. A two-way interface is provided, such as reflecting the contents registered on the map in the ledger.

◆There are many functions required in the field such as searching and extracting ledger data and extracting information on areas set on the map.


◆You can set any management item and perform a simulation using the interactive function of the ledger and the map.

◆In addition to coloring maps with ○ ×, it also supports managing data in various formats in cooperation with maps, and automatically creating heat maps (hierarchical maps) by registering numerical data.

◆Data registration such as screen input / map input / Excel linkage can be done intuitively.

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