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LD Chip Tester



This device is an LD test system that automatically measures and sorts the electrical and optical characteristics of a bare-chip laser diode at high speed. It is compatible with various LDs and has a large number of long wavelength and short wavelength deliveries.

We have a track record of supporting COS, COC, VCSEL, etc.

Basically, the measurement items are "IL / IV measurement" and "wavelength measurement".

Optional "FFPV, H measurement" "RF high frequency superimposition" "EA measurement" "Polarization ratio measurement" "High-speed pulse measurement"

The customer can add  required items as option.

Test Object

Bare chip LD, COS, COC, VCSEL, top 2 electrodes, flip chip, etc.

* Please contact us for the shape etc.


・ 6 “Grip ring x1

・ Special tray


・ 6 "Grip ring x2 ~ 3"

・ Special tray

+ NG shooter

* Please contact us regarding the tray shape, the number of flat placements, and the number of stages of changer magazines.

Measuring Holder

・ Index turntable method (1 unit / temperature)

・ 4 stations / TT type

Measurement is up to 2-3 stations, 2 stations are used for supply and storage.

・ Measurement holder: 4 holders

Temperature Range


Contact Method

・ The upper and lower chips contact the top electrode with a needle-type probe.

The bottom electrode is contacted by the measurement stage

・ The upper surface 2 electrode tip contacts the upper surface 2 electrode with a needle type probe.

・ Flip chip contacts 2 electrodes on the bottom surface by measurement stage

Setting Items

Standard item

・ IL / IV measurement

・ Ir / Vr measurement (CW, Pulse)

・ Wavelength measurement: Standard compatible equipment

Long wave: ANRITSU MS9740B, YOKOGAWA AQ6360


Optional items

・ FFP measurement (vertical)

・ FFP measurement (horizontal)

・ NFP measurement (MULTI BEAM evaluation, etc.)

・ OCR character reading

・ RF high frequency superimposition

・ EA measurement

Details :

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