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♦In the development of the basic farmland ledger system, the adjustment of farmers' intentions and the creation of a utilization accumulation plan, which are part of the work of the "Agricultural Land Ownership Rationalization Corporation" and "Agricultural Land Accumulation Facilitation Group" stipulated in the Agricultural Management Infrastructure Reinforcement Promotion Law. , Implemented paperwork support functions such as final management.

♦Furthermore, we are considering rationally expanding idle farmland utilization simulations, housing complex simulations, agricultural facility joint use simulations, settlement support functions, etc.。


♦Construction of a general-purpose system based on the premise of centralized management of the secretariat regarding agricultural work

(Agricultural work contract work, work distribution, work completion management, settlement work)

♦As a support system specialized for agricultural work specialized for specific varieties, development to an advanced system that feeds back to the next planting from management of agricultural work, evaluation of harvested crops, evaluation and analysis of results


♦Build a mechanism to manage basic information about land and people.

Build a profit forecast model that is the basis of "farming", when, what, and how much to ship, and develop a system of "tools" that will be a business tool for farming instructors utilizing JA's bible cultivation calendar.


♦With the evolution of the environment surrounding computers, we will promote the development of systems that can be used anytime and anywhere.

♦We promise priority migration processing support for users of our system.

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