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This is an LD test system that automatically measures and distinguishes  the electrical characteristics of a laser diode in the TO-CAN state at high speed.
The basic measurement items are "IL measurement", "FFPV, H measurement", and "wavelength measurement".

Customers can add necessary items such as "polarization ratio measurement" and "high-speed pulse measurement" as options.

The package shape can be changed by replacing the measurement holder.

 Test Object

TO-CAN package: φ3.3, φ3.8, φ5.6, φ9.0


* Please contact us for other special packages.

* Supportting various shapes, number of lead pins and polarity


・ Auto changer mechanism

・ Magazine set mechanism

・ Burn-in board rack mechanism

* Please contact us regarding the tray shape and the number of stages of changer magazines.


・ Flat type

・ Magazine type

・ Auto changer type

+ NG shooter

* Tray shape,number of flat sheets, changer

Please contact us for the number of magazine stages.

Measuring Holder

・ Index turntable method

・ 8-station type

Measurement is used for up to 6 stations and 2 stations for supply and storage.

・ Measurement holder

8 holders: Standard type (holder replacement for product type change)

Lead Pin Contact 

・ Side probe contact type: Applied current is up to 1A

・ Direct contact type: Applied current is up to 10A

Option Mechanism

・Scan QR code

・Bending lead inspection


Setting items

Standard item

・ IL measurement (CW, Pulse)

・ FFP measurement (vertical)

・ FFP measurement (horizontal)

-IrLD / IrPD / Im (LD reverse current / PD reverse current / Im current)

・ Wavelength measurement



・ IL measurement (CW, high-speed Pulse)

・ Polarization ratio (POL) measurement

・ Collimate measurement

・ Beam profile inspection

・ Noise measurement

・ Droop measurement


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